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Laboratory of Gravity Field Research and Applications

The Laboratory of Gravity Field Research and Applications is one of the six statutory laboratories of the Department of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Its mission is to promote Science and Technology in fields related to its Scientific and Research Areas, which include:

Physical Geodesy and Geodynamics

with special emphasis on modeling, data acquisition and interpretation, theoretical developments, and applications to the Earth’s gravity field at various spatial scales employing heterogeneous altimetry, satellite gradiometry and terrestrial gravity data.

The determination of local and regional geoid models

through the rigorous combination of heterogeneous data. The main goal is to estimate high-accuracy and high-resolution geoid models with applications to geodesy, oceanography and geophysics.

Satellite data explitation

from past and recent satellite altimetry missions towards gravity field modeling, ocean circulation determination and sea level monitoring.

The investigation of height combination

and adjustment schemes focusing on the integration of geoid heights with sea level observations from Tide Gauges, GNSS ellipsoidal heights and DOT models to determine the absolute altimetric bias and calibrate/validate satellite altimetry missions.

Height System Unification

with the combination of GNSS, Levelling and gravimetric geoid heihgts. Within that frame the contribution of the CHAMP/GRACE/GOCE missions is investigated at various spatial scales as well well as their combination with in-situ data for Moho depth modeling.

The combination of satellite gravimetry

from GOCE/GRACE, terrestrial gravity data, altimetry-derived sea surface heights and dedicated buoy observations to model sea level variations, determine the DOT and the surface geostrophic currents.