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Books and Monographs

Title: Introduction to Earth’s Gravity Field
Authors: D Arabelos & IN Tziavos
Pages: 352
Year: 2007
ISBN 978-960-456-047-9
Ziti Editions

Title: Physical Geodesy
Authors: IN Tziavos, KV Katsampalos
Pages: 430
Year: 1991
ISBN 960-431-061-X
Ziti Editions

Title: Gravity and Geoid 2002
Conference Proceedings:3rd Meeting of the Int Gravity and Geoid Commission (IGGC)
Editor: IN Tziavos
Pages: 456
Year: 2003
ISBN 960-431-852-7
Ziti Editions

Title: Numerical Considerations of FFT Methods in Gravity Field Modelling
Author: IN Tziavos
Pages: 138
Year: 1993
ISSN 0174-1454
University of Hannover

Title: Techniques for local geoid determination
Conference Proceedings:European Geosciences Union 1996, Session G7
Editors: IN Tziavos, Μ. Vermeer
Pages: 181
Year: 1996
Reports of the Finnish Geodetic Institute, 96:2

Title: Developments in spectral stochastic techniques for gravity field modeling
Conference Proceedings:European Geosciences Union 1997, Session G12
Editors: IN Tziavos, Μ. Vermeer
Pages: 81
Year: 1998
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (A), vol. 23(1)

Title: Recent advances in precise geoid determination methodology
Conference Proceedings:European Geosciences Union 1998, Session G7
Editors: IN Tziavos, Μ. Vermeer
Pages: 96
Year: 1999
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (A), vol. 24

Title: Local and regional gravity field modeling in land/sea areas
Conference Proceedings:European Geosciences Union 1999, Session G13
Editors: IN Tziavos, R. Forsberg
Pages: 93
Year: 2000
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (A), vol. 25

Title: Regional and local gravity field approximation
Conference Proceedings:European Geosciences Union 2001, Session G7
Editors: IN Tziavos, R. Barzaghi
Pages: 143
Year: 2002
International Geoid Service (IGeS), Bulletin N. 13

Title: Proceedings of the 4th GEOMED Meeting
Conference Proceedings: MARE NOSTRUM”, GEOMED report 4
Editors: D Arabelos, IN Tziavos
Pages: 211
Year 1994