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The Laboratory of Gravity Field Research and Applications (GravLab) has a variety of equipment and infrastructure to support its research goals.

Α10 Absolute gravity meter

  • Precision: 10 μGal
  • Accuracy: 10 μGal/sqrt(Hz)

CG5 relative gravity meter

  • Reading resolution: 1 μGal
  • Deviation: < 5 μGal
  • Measurement range: 8.000 mGal without restart
  • Drift: less than 0.02 mGal/day

Sea surface height buoy(GNSS buoy)

  • TPSCR.G5+TPSH antenna with dome
  • Topcon NET-G3A CORS GNSS receiver
  • 3 floats

CeeStar single-beam echo sounder

  • Depth measurement from 0.3m to 100m
  • Highest accuracy at the 1cm or 0.02% of te measured depth level

Other Equipment – Software

  • Dual frequency GNSS receivers (της Leica-Geosystems System520)
  • Single frequency GNSS receivers (Thales Navigation ProMark3)
  • CVS106 echo sounder by Koden Marine
  • Horiba U-10 multi-sensor
  • Valeport-104 current meter
  • Specialized software for GNSS data processing (LGO, Magnet Office, Gamit)
  • Specialized software for absolute and relative gravity data management, processing and interpretation
  • ΕSpecialized software for geoid modeling, topographic reductions, etc.
  • Support IT infrastructure (workstations, NAS servers, client server portable GNSS receivers)